Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Major in Marketing and Management of Tourism Services

CIP CODE: 520201


The degree in Business Administration, Marketing and Management of Tourism Services, aims to provide the student with skills and abilities aimed at the management of tourism companies with comprehensive quality preparation based on proactive values, with leadership and knowledge of the new international tourism trends to develop practical and scientific applications in relation to the strategic needs of tourism companies and organizations, facing the challenges of globalization and strengthening the competitiveness of the multinational tourism offer.


This high level professional graduates with the knowledge and skills that allow him to actively participate in the formulation, execution and evaluation of management projects, promotion and sale of tourism services with the ability to understand, describe and analyze the socio-economic environment of the activity


  • High-school graduates (High-school):
    Applicants who have completed High-school or secondary education in or outside the USA.
  • Undergraduates:
    Applicantes who completed a bachelor degree issue by national or foreign higher-education institute who want to get academic credit for previous studies.
  • No completed studies:
    Applicant who did not complete a degree and have official transcripts from studies issued by a national or foreign higher-education institution who want to get credit transfer for recognition of prior learning from other universities.


  • High school diploma issued by a national or foreign educational institution.
  • Bachelor or Associate Degree from a national or a foreign higher-education institution for those who want to get credit transfer for recognition of previous studies from other universities.
  • Official transcripts (for graduate applicants and for those who require academic credit transfer for previous studies from other national or foreign higher-education institution).
  • Valid identification (citizen ID or passport for foreign citizens).
  • Admission and registration fees receipt.


  • Official transcripts and degrees issued by foreign university education institutions must have the corresponding legal translation (this requirement has to be processed by the applicant).
  • Official transcripts and degrees issued by foreign university education institutions must have the certification issued by a credential evaluation agency accredited in the United States for recognition of international education qualifications (this process is managed by FGU).


General Education
(12 Courses / 36 CH)

CGS300 Strategic Program techniques 3
ENC101 College Composition I 3
MAC105 College Algebra I 3
PHI210 Critical Thinking 3
ENC202 College Composition II 3
MAC114 College Algebra II 3
ENV101 Environmental Science 3
ARH250 Art History 3
STA275 Statistics 3
BSC105 Biology 3
PSY201 Pgychology 3
SPC260 Oral Communication 3
SOC201 Sociology 3

Required Core Courses
(23 Courses / 69 CH)

ACG201 Principles of Accounting 3
BUA430 Operations Administrations 3
ECO202 Principles of Microeconomics 3
ACG207 Cost Accounting 3
GEB311 Business Fundamentals 3
BUL224 Business Law 3
FIN222 Finance 3
MAN321 Principles of Management 3
FIN303 Financial Management 3
FIN410 Accounting for Managerial Decision Making 3
PHI260 Introduction to Ethics 3
EBU411 e-Commerce 3
HRM401 Human Resource Management 3
MAR311 Principles of Marketing 3
MAN340 Organizational Behavior 3
GEB341 Ethics in Business 3
MAR420 Sales Management 3
MAN307 Strategic Management 3
BUA488 Research Methods 3
MAN302 International Business 3
QMB310 Strategic Planning and Leadership 3


Marketing and Management of Tourism Services

(5 Courses / 12 CH)

TII401 Tourism introduction 3
MTD402 Management of tourist destinations 3
SPP401 Strategic planning 3
TPP401 Tourist promotion 3
CPR402 Communication and public relations 3