Bachelor of Science in Digital Journalist

Major in Digital Communications Management

CIP CODE: 090702


The structure of the course facilitates the acquisition of the knowledge necessary to interpret the current environment in which communicators develop their task,
take advantage of consumer transformation to benefit the dissemination of the corporate message and put the focus on legal, ethical and management issues of the business. The student will know the techniques of digital analytics of campaigns to be able to add value to their professional task and explain the results to the management team for decision making.


Is a professional with skills to understand the successful and effective dynamics in digital spaces, applying the basic principles of strategic planning in the development of a digital project contextualized in business plan models and with skills to identify the real requirements of audience, traffic, interaction, technical aspects, content and profitability.


  • High-school graduates (High-school):
    Applicants who have completed High-school or secondary education in or outside the USA.
  • Undergraduates:
    Applicantes who completed a bachelor degree issue by national or foreign higher-education institute who want to get academic credit for previous studies.
  • No completed studies:
    Applicant who did not complete a degree and have official transcripts from studies issued by a national or foreign higher-education institution who want to get credit transfer for recognition of prior learning from other universities.


  • High school diploma issued by a national or foreign educational institution.
  • Bachelor or Associate Degree from a national or a foreign higher-education institution for those who want to get credit transfer for recognition of previous studies from other universities.
  • Official transcripts (for graduate applicants and for those who require academic credit transfer for previous studies from other national or foreign higher-education institution).
  • Valid identification (citizen ID or passport for foreign citizens).
  • Admission and registration fees receipt.


  • Official transcripts and degrees issued by foreign university education institutions must have the corresponding legal translation (this requirement has to be processed by the applicant).
  • Official transcripts and degrees issued by foreign university education institutions must have the certification issued by a credential evaluation agency accredited in the United States for recognition of international education qualifications (this process is managed by FGU).


General Education
(12 Courses / 36 CH)

CGS300 Strategic Program techniques 3
ENC101 College Composition I 3
MAC105 College Algebra I 3
PHI210 Critical Thinking 3
ENC202 College Composition II 3
MAC114 College Algebra II 3
ENV101 Environmental Science 3
ARH250 Art History 3
STA275 Statistics 3
BSC105 Biology 3
PSY201 Pgychology 3
SPC260 Oral Communication 3
SOC201 Sociology 3

Required Core Courses
(24 Courses / 72 CH)

BUS414 Entrepreneurial Journalism 3
COM354 Intercultural Relations 3
COM432 Communications Research Methods 3
CPT372 Advanced Computer Animation 3
HUM442 Media Law 3
ITN374 Networking Technologies 3
ITS384 Information Age and Society 3
ITS424 Television Reporting and Producing 3
ITS425 Multimedia Technology 3
ITS443 Democracy, New Media, and Internet 3
JOU313 Digital Story Telling Basics 3
JOU334 Journalism and Multimedia Practice 3
JOU365 Digital Narratives 3
JOU371 Professional Issues in ICT 3
JOU382 Business Journalism and Global Economy 3
JOU412 Fundamental Issues in Journalism 3
JOU415 Graphic Design for Online and Print 3
JOU435 Historical Perspectives of Journalism 3
JOU441 Ethics of Journalism 3
JOU445 Writing for online Media 3
JOU473 Journalism, Society, and the Citizen Journalist 3
MGM423 Digital Content Management 3
MGM485 Digital Journalism Capstone 3
MKT381 Digital Imaging and Manipulation 3

Digital Communications Management

(4 Courses / 12 CH)

KMD301 Knowledge Management in The Digital Environment 3
FDC301 Foundations of Digital Communications & Social Media 3
PAE402 Production of Audiovisual Effects for Digital Media 3
DCP403 Digital Communication Projects 3