Master of Science in Bilingual Education

Major in Bilingual and Multicultural Education


The program allows students to:

  • Develop educators capable of designing innovative proposals and didactic teaching.
  • Implement research projects, which foster the successful development of the teaching- learning English as a second language.
  • Contribute to the educational projects of bilingual nations, according to the demands of globalization in terms of English proficiency.
  • Create a national and international educational movement around bilingualism that allows our educational system to meet their needs and responsibilities.
  • Provide our nation’s citizens with the tools they need to become successful members of our global society.



The Master of Science in Bilingual Education prepares students to work as teachers or administrators in bilingual and multicultural schools and to function effectively in a culturally different setting. It is designed to assist Bilingual and Dual Language teachers and personnel to develop effective teaching, to create higher-quality educational systems for all, and have a Leadership role in the classroom, school and district, increasing educational opportunity and workplace access for second language students and their families.

In the Master of Bilingual Education, Major: Administration of the Bilingual Education, professionals gained the required knowledge to boost bilingual education through the excellence teaching practice that incorporates the cognitive and psychological processes through which bilingualism develops, at the same time they know the operation of bilingual centers.



  • Graduates
    National or Foreign candidates who have earned a professional degree and/or bachelor degree from a national or foreign higher education institution.
  • Academic Credits Transfer:
    Applicants with degrees and/or studies completed in other national or foreign higher education institutions (if other graduate degrees recognition is requested).


  • Professional degree from a national or foreign higher education institution (Bachelor and Associate Degree)
  • Official transcripts (for graduate applicants and for those who require academic credit transfer for previous studies from other national or foreign higher education institution).
  • Valid identification (citizen ID or passport for foreign citizens).
  • Admission and Registration Fees receipt.


  • Degree certificate and transcripts issued in a language other than English must have legal translations.
  • Degrees and Transcripts issued by foreign universities must be evaluated and certified by an approved and accredited credential evaluation agency in the USA. (FGU directs this process).


Core Courses (8 Courses/ 24 HC)

Core Courses Credit
Foundations of Teaching in a Bilingual and Multicultural Environment 3
Advanced Topics of Educational Psychology 3
Teaching Foreign and Second Languages Online 3
Equity in Classroom Assessment 3
Literacy Across the Content Areas 3
Cross Cultural Communication and Understanding 3
Global English in a Multicultural Environment 3
Diverse Learners and Community Engagement 3
Total 24

Major in Bilingual and Multicultural Education. (4 Courses/ 12 HC)

Major in Bilingual and Multicultural Education Credit
Methods of Teaching Integrated World Language 3
Curriculum and Materials for Teaching Foreign and Second Languages 3
Language Testing and Evaluation 3
Foreign and Second Languages in the Content Area 3
Total 12
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