Master of Business Administration

Major in International Economic Relations

CIP CODE: 520201


Florida Global University’s M.B.A. is designed to explore critical business processes, develop real-life projects, collaborate with other students and conduct in-depth studies of high-demand business. Courses are structured so that students learn by directly applying course content to real-life challenges they encounter in the workplace. Each course of study connects the academic to the practical, giving FGU’s M.B.A. graduates the skills they can put to work immediately. The FGU M.B.A. is designed for working professionals from a wide range of backgrounds who wish to advance or enhance their business careers. In addition, students are able to choose a General Business, Finance, Professional Coaching, International Economic Relations Major or Tourism Management. The Master in International Economic Relations will provide the student with skills and competences to delve into the theoretical, conceptual and technical aspects of international economic relations and in both, the economic and the legal environment that characterize and promote the emergence of new international markets.


The graduate from the Master of Business Administration, major in International Economic Relations, has the potential ability to engage with academic and research activities, skills to work in government agencies related with the formulation of international insertion and the respective negotiations. He takes part in internationalization and negotiation issues in business institutions to develop the professional practice in trade and international finance.


  • Undergraduates:
    Applicants who completed a bachelor degree issued by a national or foreign higher-education institute.
  • Not completed studies:
    Graduate applicants who did not complete a master degree program and have official transcripts from studies issued by national or foreign higher-education institution who want to get credit transfer for recognition of prior learning from other universities.


  • Bachelor degree issued by a national or a foreign higher-education institution.
  • Official transcripts (only for applicants with prior uncompleted master degree studies who require academic credit transfer from other national or foreign higher-education institution).
  • Valid identification (citizen ID or passport for foreign citizens).
  • Proof of admission and registration fees payment.


  • Official transcripts and degrees issued by foreign university education institutions must have the corresponding legal translation (this requirement has to be processed by the applicant).
  • Official transcripts and degrees issued by foreign university education institutions must have the certification issued by a credential evaluation agency accredited in the United States for recognition of international education qualifications (this process is managed by FGU).


Required Core Courses
(8 Courses / 24 CH)

CGS500 Strategic Program Techniques 3
BUA500 MBA Fundamentals 3
BUA510 Leadership in management 3
BUA520 Management Information Systems Development 3
BUA540 Marketing Management 3
BUA550 Managerial Accounting 3
BUA530 Operations Management 3
BUA600 Global Operation Management 3


International Economic Relations

(4 Courses / 12 CH)

INE510 International Economy 3
IEL510 International Economy Law 3
ITL520 International Business Law 3
MTI510 Modern Technologies on Internationalization 3